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Wetland Mitigation

Wetland Mitigation: The Project 
A New Idea
Moving the Wetland
The Results
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Wetland Mitigation: The Project

This project is an excellent example of "thinking outside the box".  It demonstrates that a fresh approach can be remarkable in its results.  

"We believe that this approach provides a workable sustainability where the environment and the economy share the highest priority." - Steve Dibbs, Tampa Native

Mitigating an impacted wetland is something corporations over the world do every day.  Mitigating means that anyone changing a wetland has to do something to make up for it.  Some mitigation allows development to occur around the wetland (low impact), a significant impact on wetlands can require the "new" wetlands be created to replace those which are changed.  One problem that environmentalists have with this approach is that it can take years for a wetland to mature, so a "new" wetland generally does not provide the same habitat or environmental benefit as an existing one.  In response, Florida has developed mitigation banking among other alternatives.  Mitigation banking allows a developer to set aside funds or property to protect or restore mature wetlands in exchange for allowing some level of impact.  New alternatives need to be considered.


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